Sunday, January 23, 2011

Robinson, DeBari win TNF Masters

After a day of weather delay, The skies cleared Sunday for the finals of the North Face Masters at Snowbird. Aaron Robinson, was the overall champ from 2010, taking first for the men and Maria DeBari winning for the women.

Robinson, who had high-speed runs throughout the contest and landed a huge 360, took an early lead and won with his first run score of 94.33. "I feel great, excited," Robinson said. "It's really good to be around amazing people and talent;

I've made countless friends through the contest." Ralph Backstrom took second with a second run score of 93.00, and Ryland Bell placed third with a second run score of 92.67.

Men's Final Results

Rank Name Score
1. Aaron Robinson 94.33
2. Ralph Backstrom 93.00
3. Ryland Bell 92.67
4. Ross Baker 90.67
5. Adam DeVargas 86.67
6. Alex Yoder 84.67
7. John Rodosky 84.00
8. Christopher Galvin 83.00
9. Jonathan Penfield 83.00
10. Brock Butterfield 82.67
11. Robert Hurley 82.00
12. Cody Niggemyer 75.00 

Women's Final Results

Rank Name Score
1. Maria DeBari 83.33
2. Kaitlin Elliot 78.33
3. Laura Hadar 78.33
4. Mary Boddington 77.00
5. Shannan Yates 76.67

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