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Dodger Stadium hosted its first ever Supercross event in Los Angeles to almost a packed house as the whole place was a buzz over the fact that the field was wide open and anyone could have one. James "Bubba" Stewart was a fan favorite, but really know one could call anyone a true front runner.

After a dramatic intro, and a few pyrotechnics the main event was all that is was chalked up to be.  Brett Metcalfe takes the Holeshot! Team-mate Ryan Dungey is second, and Chad Reed goes down just a few feet after the first corner.

Leader Brett Metcalfe falls on the second lap in a right hand corner. Dungey takes the lead with Stewart closing fast. Kevin Winhdam next, then Justin Brayton, and Trey Canard (who crashed hard in his heat, but came back to win his LCQ). Reed is 19th.

Next lap - James Stewart has taken over lead! Dungey is second, Windham next, Brayton, Canard, Villopoto, Stroupe, Short, Metcalfe. Stewart is leading. Dungey is right behind him.and Villopoto is right behind Dungey. Villopoto has passed Dungey in lap 8.Stewart is out front by one second, Villopoto is second. Dungey is third. These top three are really, really close. Stewart slides out and goes down in a right hand corner Villopoto takes the lead Trey Canard moved into second! Dungey next, then James Stewart now in fourth. Stewart passes Canard. Villopoto out front Dungey is second. Then James Stewart, Trey Canard, and Justin Brayton. Reed has moved up to tenth. Towards the end of lap 15 - Stewart makes a pass on Dungey in a tight left hand corner. It's Villopoto leading on lap 16 now, Stewart next, Dungey chasing, then Canard. Ryan Villopoto takes the win! James Stewart a close second! Ryan Dungey is third.

The top four in Supercross point standings so far - Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, and Trey Canard finished top four in tonight's Supercross Main Event. And they put on quite a show.

Brendan Lutes/TransWorld Motocross
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15LESLIE PORTERFIELD is originally from Dallas Texas and have been riding motorcycles since she was 16 years old." I always wanted to set a world record at Bonnevillin 2008 and set my first record at 209 MPH on a naked (unfaired) motorcycle. She was the first woman in the Bonneville 200 MPH club on a conventional motorcycle in its 61 year history.

"I always wanted to set a world record at Bonneville. I bought used Hayabusa from a customer made a number of modifications and made my first Land Speed Record runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats" says LP. Utah in August of 2007, Leslie crashed at about 110 MPH, and was taken by helicopter to the hospital, with 7 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a concussion.

Leslie set the fastest world record of any woman on a motorcycle at 232 MPH.At that same event I set the 1000 CC production class record. In 2009, Leslie set the top speed (man or woman) on a motorcycle with 240 MPH pass against a record of 227 MPH.


Leslie currently holds, or have held, Motorcycle Land Speed records in 4 classes. My records include:

FIM Mile Record Class MPS-BF 2000 at 232.522
FIM Mile Record Class P-P 1000 at 192.930
FIM Kilometer Record P-P 1000 at 193.077
FIM Kilometer Record Class MPS-BF 2000 at 232.492

AMA Record Class MPS-BF 2000 at 232.523
AMA Record Class P-P 1000 at 192.930
SCTA Record Class M-BF 1350 at 209.398
AMA APS-BF 1350 at 234.0
TOP speed…….246.6mph

AMA’s Female Rider of the Year for 2008
Bonneville Women’s Spirit Award 2008
Top Speed of the Meet on a Motorcycle Award at the BUB Speed Trials 2009 with an average through the mile of 240.382mph.

National spokesperson for the charity Stand Up For Kids.