Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scotty Largo broke his jaw in Wyoming

On Tuesday, Scotty Lago broke his jaw in the Wyoming backcountry while filming with Travis Rice and Mark Landvik for next year's feature film "The Art of Flight."

The three pros were hitting a massive backcountry kicker that took the crew over a week to build when Lago took the nasty fall. The Olympic Bronze medalist was attempting a switch double backside rodeo 1080 when he under-rotated 90 degrees. This unfortunate miscalculation coupled with the hard impact of the landing sent Lago's knee directly into his jaw.

The impact shattered his jaw bones, broke a few teeth, and chipped a bone in his cheek. A medic was on scene, but Lago reportedly had to drive his snowmobile over hilly terrain for around 20 miles until he reached a location where he could be picked up and transported to the hospital. He underwent emergency surgery and was released the next day.

The injury has left Lago in stable condition, however his jaw remains wired shut. At this point it's very unlikely that Lago will be able to compete in the Winter X Games at the end of this month.

We wish Scotty a fast recovery from this unfortunate accident.

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