Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dean Wilson Wins Super Cross From 8th Spot

Dean Wilson is a bad dude to come from as far back as he did to eighth.

James Stewart might be the baddest dude around to come from the crash he had, within a few seconds of being a lap down, and then climb all the way up to ninth place, never going a lap down to Ryan Villopoto.

Andrew Short is riding that 350 like a 250, and it's working. Fourth? Nice. He has matched Mike Fisher's KTM finishes now...

The retro Fox gear was cool, but it did look a little out of place on Ken Roczen, considering he was riding a bright-orange KTM.

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Chad Reed is scrappy, and he was gaining on Ryan Villopoto at the end of the main event.

The wrist injury that Justin Barcia has sure does take the spring out of his step after 5-8 laps of racing. Then again, wouldn't it do that to you, at minimum?
Justin Barcia talks to Fox's Chris "Beeker" Onstott about his write wrist after the main. (Photo:

Blake Baggett now not only has all the pieces to the puzzle, but he knows it. Uh oh...

Trey Canard sure is having some horrible luck lately. In Daytona, he crashed early on with Ivan Tedesco, then as he was coming back through the field, Brett Metcalfe crashed in front of him and took Canard down with him. The only guy with worse luck in that incident was Metcalfe, who got hit by Trey.

Malcolm Stewart is fast. He challenged for the lead in his heat race against Blake Baggett, who ended up winning the main. The problem isn't Malcolm's speed, it just seems like he gets too excited and crashes. More racing will be good for the younger Stewart.

Ryan Dungey sure is having some crap luck. He blew a motor while winning his heat race over Ryan Villopoto, who ended up winning the main. He had to go through the LCQ and came from way, way back for third. His time is coming. It has to be. Unless the bad luck this year is simply payback for the good luck from last year...

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