Monday, August 15, 2011

Lasek and P-Rod win Dew Tour Portland

In Sunday's Skate Bowl finals at the Dew Tour Portland Invitational, it was a battle between 38-year-old Bucky Lasek and 16-year-old Pedro Barros, but in the end it was Lasek's final run -- backside lipslide off the deep end hip to a backside tailslide into the deep end -- that won out over Barros'. "It feels awesome to win in Portland because this is the home of concrete parks and what better place to win on the portable bowl at Dew Tour," Lasek said. "It's pretty exciting making the run that I made and making it three times is a great accomplishment for me. I think lately I've had the heart of a tiger, just attacking it, going for it, living life and skateboarding. That's what it's all about."

Andy Macdonald pulled it all together in his final run of the superjam to take third and bump Ben Hatchell into fourth after they were having their own battle for placement throughout the event.

Skate Street

Plan B's Paul Rodriguez won Skate Street at the Dew Tour Portland Invitational in Portland, Ore. on Saturday. Placing second was Ryan Decenzo, followed by Manny Santiago in third place.

"Everyone was landing so many things, so I had no clue who was going to win. I'm just grateful that it was me," said Rodriguez after the super final results were announced.

P-Rod threw down runs that included effortless switch back lips down the rail, switch kickflip backside 50-50s on the hubba, and kept it more consistent than any other competitor in the super finals.

Rounding out the Skate Street super finals in Portland was Kelvin Hoefler in fourth, Danilo Do Rosario in fifth and Adam Dyet in sixth.

Dew Tour favorite Greg Lutzka broke his board in the first round of finals and was forced to ride a borrowed board. As a result, Lutzka did not advance to the super finals.

"I could've done better if I hadn't broken my board, but we're out here, having fun and Portland is amazing. I had to go through four boards to get comfortable, and I still wasn't comfortable, but that's just the way it is," said Lutzka during the super finals.

2011 Dew Tour Portland Invitational: Skate Street, August 13

Rank Name Score
1. Paul Rodriguez 88.18
2. Ryan Decenzo 85.20
3. Manny Santiago 82.73
4. Kelvin Hoefler 81.10
5. Danilo Do Rosario 77.65
5. Adam Dyet 73.25

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