Saturday, August 20, 2011

Skateboarder Chris Cole Sends Kids to Camp

Chris Cole and DC Shoes are sending 30 kids from the Philadelphia area to Woodward Action Sports Camp in Western Pennsylvania for a week beginning Sunday. As a kid, Cole, the two-time Thrasher magazine Skater of the Year and two-time X Games gold medalist, couldn't afford to go to Woodward. As an adult and elite pro, it's one of his favorite places.

"I was thinking of what we could do to give back to skaters in the Philadelphia area and the idea came through that because of how much I love Woodward, how accommodating Woodward has been for us and how willing they are as a camp to help out kids in the area," Cole told ESPN. "I approached Woodward about it; they were completely backing it. Then we were trying to figure out a way to get the right kids involved.

Teaming up with the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia, 30 kids were chosen to participate. All the kids involved skateboard and come from backgrounds where the camp opportunity would not be possible without the generosity of Cole, Woodward and DC shoes. Cole and Woodward are splitting the coast of sending the children to camp (tuition rate is more than $1,000 per camper) while DC is providing each kid with a brand new pair of Cole's signature Chris Cole S skate shoes.

As an added treat for the kids, Cole will be joining them during their skateboard camp experience. "I'm going to be up at Woodward for the majority of their week," he said.

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