Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Collin Provost

Happy Birthday to Collin Provost Provost has been on the scene for quite some time but you might not have really noticed him until just recently. In the past year and a half, Provost has gone from the little super grom that we first took notice of in the Element Twigs video, "Tricks." For those that missed it, the video featured tiny groms with video parts that made full grown pros nervous. Nyjah Huston, Tyler Bledsoe and Provost had standout parts. After the Twigs team was dissolved, Huston, Bledsoe and Provost slid into am spots on the regular Element team where Provost stayed for several years. In that time, Provost grew about two feet and his skills on board went from grom good with kid style to just plain really good with straight up awesome style. Provost garnered recent attention with his switch from Element to Toy Machine. Provost was officially put on the Emerica shoe team as well (he'd been on the flow team for many years already). Welcoming Provost to the team, Emerica put out this two minutes of Collin's "throwaway" footage that won't be in his highly anticipated full part in the upcoming "Stay Gold" video..

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