Sunday, December 26, 2010

X Games BMX Street Gold Medalist Garrett Reynolds Leaves Premium BMX

X Games BMX Street Gold Medalist Garrett Reynolds has parted ways with longtime bike sponsor Premium BMX. Although this news has been on the "DL" for a few months, Garrett made it official this week.

Reynolds has been a part of the Premium team for four years, wich he won three X Games Gold Medals in BMX street, filmed several progressive video parts (including a Props bio and a section in Nike 6.0's "Writing on the Wall) and won two NORA Cup Street Rider of the Year awards. Garrett also had a signature frame and bars with Premium.

Reynolds' current sponsors include Nike 6.0, Cinema Wheel Co., Staff BMX and Deadline Crew. Garrett has made no statement about what he plans to do next, but did say that he would have more to say about it later! Hmmmm....

News of Reynolds leaving Premium comes on day after Rob Darden announced that he was dropped from Premium because of budget cutbacks. Man everyone is feeling the economic "Crunch"!

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