Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Xtreme New Year 2011, Let's get this party started!

So this is the start of another year. This is the, "This is my year"...again Year! This is, 2011, This time next year, will we have lost weight? Stop smoking? Run that marathon? Climb that mountain? probably not. BUT I have found out something amazing tonight. That no matter how much talent, and balance it takes to ride a skateboard, or a snowboard, or stay on a bike while flipping in the air and landing it perfectly. Those daredevils of gravity have nuthin' on some of Los Angeles drunkest women in heels, I mean the balance of two girls stumbling out the club arm and arm, leaving a nice trail of what they had to eat earlier that day making there way home sometimes leaning at a 45 degree angle just when you thought they were gonna take a fall...TAXI...WAIT! Whew they made it, only to be so passed out they can't even tell the driver where to take them. This is New Years LA Style, New York has the dropping Crystal Ball, Sydney had the fireworks and light show, Asia has festivals and explosions, and dancing  and we have the drunk girl X Game freestyle, "make-it-home-if-you-can" competition.

Another thing I found out. Did you know it takes 18 LA Cops to arrest 1 guy who is already passed out...Crazy. I found out that half dressed people passed out on the ground are more ignored than you would think, I mean we just walk over them "she'll be alright", and go about our evenings conversation, or "did you see that girl"... uh yeah, somebody help her.

So as I hear the sirens of 20 plus police cars racing to an incident at some club that has already probably dispersed, but LA's finest is on it's was to agitate the situation anyway. I'm sure there is a quota they have to meet. HAPPY NEW YEAR ACTION SPORTS WORLD, I can not wait to do it again next year. Now back some real fun! Got some snow to conquer!

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