Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome Baaaaaak! Arto Saari back on Flip!

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Start the year off right. Arto Saari has a surprise for you. It was announced today on the Thrasher site that Arto Saari has left Alien Workshop to come back to Flip skateboards.

(When asked in 2008 Why he is leaving Flip) It seems like nobody ever leaves Flip. What sets Flip apart from other companies?

It’s a pretty tight group, for sure. Whenever we’re about to add someone, everybody on the team takes a long time talking about how we feel about whichever person we’re looking into. We’re all really close friends on and off the board, so it’s not like a company of strangers or anything. Ian (Deacon) and Jeremy (Fox) will discuss that kind of stuff with everyone before a decision is made. I know other companies take a similar approach, but in our case, sometimes I think the fact that most of us are foreigners keeps the team tight on that level, too. There haven’t really ever been too many people to quit. Lately there’s been some drama going on, but overall it’s been pretty rock solid.

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