Friday, February 4, 2011

Vans extends their partnership, returning as the presenting sponsor for the 2011 Maloof Money Cup

Courtesy of the Maloof Money Cup.

(Irvine, Calif. - February 3, 2011) - Today, Maloof Skateboarding announces that Vans - the original action sports footwear company grounded in youth, authenticity and individual style - extends their partnership, returning as the presenting sponsor for the 2011 Maloof Money Cup, the world's greatest skateboarding event.

"Vans is such an enthusiastic partner in the Maloof Money Cup because it's the one contest that shows skateboarding in its most progressive state with the visibility that top-shelf skateboarding deserves," said Vans' Vice President of Marketing Doug Palladini. "That we leave a new park behind for local skaters to enjoy after the contest is perhaps even more meaningful." 

Maloof Skateboarding and Vans kicked-off their successful partnership in 2010, which included contests in Orange County and Queens, New York.

With support from Vans, Maloof Money Cup became the first skate contest to leave behind its world class street course to the local community as a permanent skate park. In June, the Maloof Money Cup will return to Queens, New York, refurbishing the skatepark it built for last year's event with new obstacles designed by Vans pro skater, Geoff Rowley. Stay tuned for coming announcements on the 2011 Maloof Money Cup host cities and dates.

"As Maloof Skateboarding continues to grow, we remain committed to partnering with authentic brands, like Vans, that share our vision to raise the visibility of skateboarding and invest in the skate community," said Joe Maloof, founder of Maloof Money Cup and owner of the NBA's Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino Resort. "I'd like to thank everyone at Vans, Doug Palladini and Steve Van Doren especially, and the entire Vans family - they've been incredible partners.

The Maloof family and the Van Doren family share a commitment to further the progression of skateboarding in everything we do, making Vans the perfect partner to take Maloof Money Cup to new cities across the country and continue our commitment to leave behind permanent skateparks in our host communities."

Vans Vice President of Promotions Steve Van Doren added that "as the original skate shoe company, Vans has been involved in skateboarding events for more than four decades. We chose to partner with the Maloofs because the Maloof Money Cup contests represent skateboarding at its finest and in an original and authentic way."

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