Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All I got for Xmas was RBR2K10 and my two front Teeth 'I loved that Song!"

So like the "Sickest" mountain bike video around is the Red Bull Rampage 2010...OMG, WTF, SMH, and any other lack-of-a-better-word shortcuts you can make up. I bought this for myself on ITunes, while I spent Christmas at home by myself...(Yeah pretty sad!). But I can't even describe it you gotta see it so this is not a Blog...its a VLOG (Big GOD Voice)...Check out some of the cool footage...

OK, Right, Right, Right....I told you sick...JUS' GO BUY YOURS!

Buy the Red Bull Rampage 2010 DVD as the perfect gift for your mountain bike loving friend, spouse, kid, or boss. One of the most anticipated DVDs of the season is finally up for sale: The Red Bull Rampage 2010 DVD. Featuring Cameron ZinkGee Atherton, and the unrelenting Utah desert, the DVD also showcases the best mountain bike riders from around the world, competing in the most rugged and majestic natural terrain.

Where to Buy

•    DVD/Blu-ray combo pack at VASFilms.com for $29.99
•    iTunes download: $5.99 for Standard Definition, $7.99 for High Definition
•    Go to your local bike shop

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