Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crowding Temporarily Halts Disneyland Admissions!

This has Nuffin' to do with Action Sports I know, I know, but it is Xtreme! Xtremely SAD! I mean Disneyland Resort temporarily halted ticket sales at both of its Anaheim theme parks Tuesday because of massive crowds, you can't shut down the "Happiest Place on Earth" I mean, shutting down Disneyland, due to overcrowding is like shutting down a Kim Kardashian Peep Show! It's "Un-American" it's horrible oh if Walt Disney was alive he'd be turning over in his grave...

Disneyland stopped selling tickets about 10 a.m., and visitors were diverted to Disney California Adventure. By 1 p.m., both parks were closed to new visitors, with Disneyland announcing via its Twitter page that access was "temporarily limited."

The above photo may or may have been altered but due to the facts of this post. I don't know
 Think of the children Mickey....Think of the children!

California Adventure was reopened later in the afternoon, spokeswoman Betsy Sanchez said. She said she was not sure whether ticket sales would resume for Disneyland for the rest of the day. It was the second straight day ticket sales for the parks were temporarily halted.

Sanchez said she could not discuss attendance figures or the parks' maximum capacity ('cause how many people attend Disneyland is a threat to National Security), but one expert estimated that between 75,000 and 100,000 people went there Tuesday.

So with the bad economy, bad weather on the east coast, Oprah leaving her show, John and Kate "Divorced", the Octo-mom losing her home, Princes Amidala PREGNANT ...not with Anikans baby (Pause for those who can't keep up with the nerd Star Wars reference. Translation: Actress, Natilie Portman in real life is Pregers...) , and too many disappointments to list, (632 to be exact!) The only thing we can count on is Disneyland is still the best place to go to get away from the madness, even if they turn you away at the door....come on Mickey let me into "Small World" please, 'cause the "Real" world sucks right now!

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